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In The News: Dunnington Partner Raymond Dowd’s Take on Andy Warhol Copyright Litigation

By December 22, 2021No Comments

Copyright litigation over Andy Warhol’s appropriation art dominated headlines in the art world in 2021.   Dunnington partner Raymond Dowd, author of Copyright Litigation Handbook (Thomson Reuters West 2021-22) was featured in an article on Andy Warhol’s religious faith and copyright infringement.  Warhol’s work was exhibited at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park where Dowd serves on the Board of Governors.

Fordham News quoted Dowd as follows:

“The truth is that until the 1980s and 1990s, America had the weakest copyright laws in the world, which also unlocked tremendous creativity,” said Dowd. “We adopted restrictive copyright laws later on in the game and who knows whether or not that will truly restrict creativity?”

For the full article:

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