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Nazi-Looted Art: Dunnington Victory For Family of Murdered Jewish Cabaret Performer Featured in Variety

By November 19, 2021No Comments

Dunnington’s legal victory in recovering two artworks by the artist Egon Schiele on behalf of the family of Fritz Grunbaum was featured in Variety.  Fritz Grunbaum was a Jewish cabaret performer who openly mocked the Nazis.  Grunbaum was the inspiration for the Joel Gray character in the Broadway show and film Cabaret.

Dunnington has been pursuing Grunbaum’s art collection, which included 81 artworks by Egon Schiele, for the last fifteen years.  Grunbaum’s art collection was taken from him by Austrian Nazis while he was in the Dachau Concentration Camp.  Part of Grunbaum’s stolen collection surfaced in Switzerland in 1956.

Dunnington achieved a decisive victory in the New York Supreme Court which was affirmed in a landmark opinion by the Appellate Division, that led to a court-ordered return of two Schiele artworks, Girl Hiding Her Face (1910) and Woman in Black Pinafore (1911).  These artworks are currently at Christie’s auction house pending sale.  Dunnington continues to assist the family in pursuing stolen Grunbaum artworks in museums and private collections.

Access the Variety story here.

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